General is retired!

Chief of Army Staff, General Raheel Sharif, was the finest serving commander-in-chief of not only Pakistan Army but among all the serving generals on the largest territorial planet of our Solar System. He excelled in military tactics even more than Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Napoleon. His popularity exceeded than that of the likes of Mandela and Gandhi. He possessed the political acumen of De Gaulle, Kissinger, Churchill and Mao altogether. He was killing terrorists in Zarb e Azb, foiling Jews’ and American conspiracies in Baluchistan, thumping target killers in Karachi and giving a befitting answer to Indian shelling on LoC. He was considered to be one and only impediment standing against ruthless international community conspiring against the sovereignty of Pakistan. Alone, General Raheel made ISI the best intelligence agency of the world, presented a positive image of Pakistan to the world outside and convinced China to invest in Pakistan. There were his fan pages on social media ranging from Facebook to Twitter. Countless fake accounts were created bearing his name. His picture was a must ingredient for a social media post to get maximum likes, shares and re-tweets. He was very busy. He was one in all and all in one. But something struck his CV very badly.

He retired!

Posts are appearing on social media accusing him of ignoring Nawaz Sharif’s corruption just like Kiyani did ignore Zardari’s corruption. He is being compared to a clown narrated in folk tales who drew the dirty water out of well but not the dog which contaminated the well. He is now considered a villain-turned-hero who had all the opportunities to wrap up democracy on the behalf of all those millions of voters who didn’t show up on the polling day. He was expected to contravene Constitution of Pakistan by the same masses who considered him to be custodian of it. He declined to do so. Apparently, he was only one last man standing against all the enemies of Pakistan. And according to the grapevine, he is defunct now. All of this happened within a couple of days only. We are ruined. But, wait a minute.

We have a new General!

Rumor has it that the new General will be the finest commander-in-chief among all the serving generals of the largest territorial plant of our Solar System. He will possess the political acumen of De Gaulle, Kissinger, Churchill, Mao and Raheel Shareef altogether. He will kill all the terrorists, foil Jews and American conspiracies in Balochistan, thump the target killers in Karachi and give a befitting reply to Indian Army’s violations of LoC. He will be the only impediment standing between Pakistan and its enemies. General is retired! May the General get extension!

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