Student Unions vs Students

”I’ll knock you down and give you a punch at face. Get out and close your canteen. How dare you ask me for payment?” I was listening these words sitting in my room. Actually, I live in hostal. And the location of my room is, fortunately or unfortunately, very important. At the left side, hostal’s dining hall is located, right infront of my room there is the only canteen of my hostal. At the back side, hostal’s computer lab and just above the stairs, hostal’s mosque is located. Also there are two groups of student unions. Both groups live in opposite wings. My room is right at the center of both wings. Making it short, my room is at a very busy place. So I keep in touch with most of the things happening in hostal. The words, which I quoted at the start of this post, were of a student who has some affiliation with a student union. Most of the students of this union take all the faccilities of the hostal for granted. And they take it as their insult if someone asks to pay for the services. I don’t know about other universities, but as for as BZU is considered, student union stands for a group of rascles, drug-addicts and violant persons(I didn’t use the word ‘students’ because most them are not student at all, just parasites living here). These people beat anyone who stands in their way. They go to canteen, eat without paying charges and if canteen owner asks for the money, they beat him and close his canteen. Normal human beings make quarrel with each other, yes, its the nature, and always there are some differences in opinions. A civilized person is someone who manages to live with another person whose living style and way of thinking is far away from his own. If you see it in the context of student unions, it is impossible to live there if you have some differences with their opinions. Violence is an integral part of these unions. I can’t forget the day when students were firing at each other and beating each other with sticks and iron-rods just infront of the hostal. There was blood and a sense of fear all around. Unions have become a symbol of terror. No need to tell that how university officials support them off the record. So, what’s the solution? There is not a one-linear solution. Strict actions have to be taken. First of all, political interferance should be eliminated in student unions and university as well. Whenever, university officials and police authorities want to take some action, some MPA or MNA calls and saves these people. Secondly, monoply of a single student union should be ceased. There should be other unions free to propagate and attract students. When there will be other forces, it will limit the sense of freedom of this single union. Thirdly, unions should be disciplined. Regular elections should be conducted within the unions. And stidents with inspirations, rather than weapons, should lead the unions. Things will not be changed, unless we want to change them.

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