We are socially disconnected generation!

This title might make you laugh. Socially disconnected? Errr. Seems like a typo mistake. We are the most connected generation ever lived on this planet. Distances have been shortened with the help of all those transportation and technological gadgets. The moment some one opens fire at his fellow citizens in London, or the moment a polar bear dies, or a mother gives birth to a child in a rickshaw, or a friend is having a headache, it is broadcasted to us in the very next moment via facebook, twitter, CNN, National Geographic and many other countless mediums.

But, guys, I’m serious. It’s not a typo mistake. I repeat,”We are the most socially disconnected generation ever lived”.

I’m a person who lives in past. I still remember my childhood. Even in the absence of social media and cell phones, I knew that where my friends were and what they’re doing. I knew that where I had to go in order to meet a specific friend. It was like,”Okay, it’s 5 PM. Abdullah will be playing cricket. Adnan will be at his aunty’s house to chit chat his beloved cousin. Tanveer will be at his shop”. We knew each other’s routine, hobbies and problems without posting it on facebook/twitter. I knew that Adnan loves his cousin. He didn’t post it on facebook. His smile told me. That was the life. If someone was absent from class, all of his/her friends used to visit his/her home to know what happened. A neighbor was considered a family member. Something cooked specially, was sent to neighbors. We were all connected.

And now, this is the technological era. You know what is happening in London. You are in touch with American Government Shutdown issue. You read about Iran’s new president’s peaceful statement. You admire the dress Katreena wears at some event and you condemn terrorist attacks in Nerobi.

But you don’t know what your neighbor is doing. You don’t know how hardly he is living from hand to mouth. You don’t know that the uncle living next door is in a dilemma about how to buy new clothes for his children. You even don’t know that your sublings are going through which mental agony due to some personal issues. Your mother is sharing some family problems with you and you’re busy in Liking, commenting, sharing and tweeting via the smart phone in your hand. You are connected with the outer world and disconnected with the world around you. That’s why, I call social media an illusion. And our generation disconnected with the real world around us.

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2 thoughts on “We are socially disconnected generation!

  1. Hmmm… Thought-provoking article, I’d say. Through using social media, we are continuously connected to the things happening in the world and doesn’t even know the condition our neighbors are living in. Alas! It’s new techy generation. But after all we are human beings, we should (sorry) we must get back to the world of #Feelings and real #Care. Thank you so much, Ali, for reminding us that we are human beings and we oughtta behave like humans. Thanks again.

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